Church Needlework

Altar cloth
The completed Altar Cloth, dedicated in Church on Easter Sunday 2014
”Roddam and the Holiness of his painting”
As we transform our sanctuary at Hoylandswaine with the great  painting by Roddam soon to be uncovered  for all of us to see, we hear his  words, love, truth, beauty. We want to extend this vision of wonder and holiness and so, look to our altar, the place where bread and wine become the  body and blood of Christ, Christ with us in the Eucharist. Amongst all this  wonder the place becomes holy so using three different words from Roddam’s but  maintaining his vision – holy, holy, holy.
The Altar Frontal will be made of white woven fabric similar to heavy linen  ( fair linen cloth) and the three words Holy in three different sizes so as to  appear echoing out. They will then be appliquéd in gold cloth and the background  embellished with gold ribbons and threads of varying thickness and textures all  reflecting the light of Christ. O worship the Lord in the beauty of  holiness
We will work one day a week – Wednesdays– from 10-00 till 3-00 and you  are welcome to put in as much or as little time as you wish.
Val Pettifer has kindly offered her home for this project so that the frame  and fabric can be safely stored there away from coffee, water, workmen etc  !!!
We will work round a large wooden frame, on which the background fabric  lined with vilene will be stretched, allowing six people to work together while  others can take turns cutting letters in vilene and covering them with the gold  fabric, applying the ribbons etc. What a time we will have !!
So come and sew or come and see how we are progressing
       Pam  Robins        Val Pettifer

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